From the age of 14, Nick Tomes has worked as a machinist in a machine shop. As a young apprentice toolmaker who learned mostly on single spindle screw machines, Nick knew he wanted to start his own business one day. As this desire grew, Nick gained practical experience, developed business acumen, and honed his skills in the industry.

In 2003, when only 25 years old, Nick founded Tomes Precision Tool Company. Having conceived the idea a few years earlier, Nick waited until he mastered the only machines that would fit in his first shop space—his parents’ 200-year old bank barn. Nick poured a cement floor, strung up a light, and began repairing his two Brown and Sharpe screw machines. As Nick’s customer base grew along with his capabilities and his reputation for quality craftsmanship, Nick expanded and moved Tomes Precision into an even larger space in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Nick first connected with Guidemark, Inc., in 2004 when Guidemark needed their dull drills sharpened. Nick later had an opportunity to machine some prototype parts for Limntech Scientific, Inc., and this is when he met Doug Dolinar, co-founder, and president of Guidemark, Inc. Over the course of his career, Doug had built Guidemark into a leader in the pavement marking industry and more recently has been shepherding the technological advancements of the safety-focused Limntech Scientific. Doug saw the same entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and passion in Nick that drove him and his wife to start striping parking lots out of the back of their El Camino in 1980.

Doug Dolinar and Nick TomesIn 2016, Guidemark Inc. purchased the assets of Tomes Precision and Guidemark Precision Machine was born. With Nick’s strong leadership, Guidemark Precision Machine is poised to exceed the demands and expectations of the manufacturing industry.

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